Clash of Clans Guide for Beginner

Clash of Clans Guide for Beginner

Clash of Clans or commonly abbreviated as COC is one of the most popular games in Indonesia. This online game can attract millions of players thanks to the exciting gameplay and features it offers. For those who have never played this game, they need to know the Clash of Clans guide for beginner.

All kind of games wether it is adventure games or online slot games must be need strategy in order to win the games. This best strategy we will talk about in this article will make you feel at home for a long time in front of the screen of your Android smartphone or tablet. Apart from attacking and defending, you need to be able to manage your resources as best you can.

Pretty Easy Clash of Clans Guide for Beginner

Clash of Clans guide for beginner

1. Save with gems

When we create or update a building in COC, it takes time to complete the building. The higher the level, the longer the building process will take. One of the easiest ways to complete buildings is by using gems. Because their availability is very limited, save as much gems as possible for something more important.

When the supply of gems is running low, you can start with a strategy to complete the various missions provided or you can also clean the base of rocks, branches, and other annoying objects.

2. Determine the pattern of the game

When playing the game Clash of Clans, you need to establish a proper Clash of Clans guide for beginner. You can choose between a defensive game pattern or an offensive game pattern.

If you prefer survival, you have to upgrade the town hall first, then the walls, and then the defensive items like mortars, archer towers, and cannons. Mortars and archer towers are the main defense components, so they need to be placed in a central position and protected as much as possible. Don’t rush to upgrade town hall when playing with defensive patterns.

But if you choose an attacking pattern of play. In this pattern, you must first build the town hall and then produce as many elixirs as possible so that you can start building other resources.

3. Take advantage of the shield

Take advantage of the free shield by rebuilding damaged buildings, upgrading weapons and preparing as many war troops as possible. If 40% of your base is destroyed by the enemy, you will get a free shield for 12 hours. When the destruction rate reaches 90%, you can get a shield for 16 hours.

Remember to never attack enemies during this fix, as the shields protecting your base will be turned off immediately so the enemy can attack and destroy them at any time.

4. Gather the best possible basic formation

The best basic education is a very important step in protecting your base. Make sure you wall as much of the building as possible between buildings, weapons, and outside access.

5. Coc Clan battles are cheating

Make sure a building has a solid wall so that enemy troops cannot move easily after the building is destroyed.

Also, create a tight base formation so that the different weapons can easily reach all the buildings. Place the different weapons in the middle position so that it will take a long time for enemy troops to reach them.

6. Determine the target

When searching for an attacking enemy, make sure you have set a target for your attack. Enemies with lower town hall are easier to beat but have few resources. If you want to get lots of resources or trophies to increase your rank, look for enemies with high town hall. Use giants to repel attacks from towers, then use wall breakers to break walls and open paths to hostile areas.

Once the cannons, mortars and other defensive elements are destroyed, you can launch the barbarians, mages, and archers to destroy the buildings. Also, deploy the goblin army to take advantage of the various resources available.

7. Join a clan

If you already have the maximum base level, complete all levels in one player, and reach the best defense, now is the time to enter the world of clans.

You can form powerful clans with other players so you can attack other players’ clans. The better you coordinate, the stronger your clan will be.

8. Arrange the attack strategy

Clash of Clans guide for beginner is no less important is that when your clan is ready to fight with other clans, start looking for the best attack strategy. Try attacking the weak clan first, if successful, you can gradually increase the level of the enemy you face.

Also make sure to monitor the condition of the enemy base before attacking him. Watch how the buildings are formatted so you can determine which troops can quickly destroy them.Those are the various tips of Clash of Clans guide for beginner that we can convey at this opportunity.

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