El Dorado Infinity Reels Slot Review: RTP, Paylines, Volatility & Free Spins Frequency

El Dorado Infinity Reels Slot Review: RTP, Paylines, Volatility & Free Spins Frequency

El Dorado Infinity Reels Slot Review. The phrase “El Dorado” occasionally reemerges in the gaming sector as a result of a connection with wealth and riches. Depending on the dictionary you’re reading, it can be a reference to the Golden City or the Golden Man legend. As they raided and pillaged their way across South America, European explorers were very interested in visiting this legendary metropolis.

To their dismay, they were never able to find the fabled city, which most likely never existed. However, Australian company ReelPlay is giving slot gamers another chance to try their luck.

Hypernova Megaways is the most prominent title since it uses the Megaways engine, which always generates buzz. The game was released in 2014, but the developer formerly known as Chance Interactive underwent a rebranding early this year and knocked off a few positions in the process. El Dorado Infinity Reels Slot, the most recent title to leave the ReelPlay studio, has a custom mechanic that is actually rather good.

El Dorado Infinity Reels Slot scrolls, slides, and grows, but by default, we see a South American jungle scene and a 3-reel, 4-row game grid. There are waterfalls tumbling in the distance, and a soft panpipe soundtrack is playing. The graphics are of a high caliber, the symbols are all unique, and the whole effect makes a good first impression.

The range of bets available to players is 20 percent to 25 pounds or euros every spin. The coin value is calculated by dividing the stakes by 20. No matter what device you use, the game is playable and looks good on any screen size.

The formation of winning combos deviates slightly from custom. Contrary to what the game’s rules suggest, not all symbols are scattered. When at least five symbols appear on the reels from left to right without using a payline, coins are awarded. Additionally, winning combos may activate the Infinity Reels feature, which we shall discuss shortly.

Ten regular symbols make up the paytable, which in our opinion should have been made more clearly. The low-paying symbols are made up of six various colored stones, while the high-paying symbols are four masks. At five times the value of a coin, the golden mask is the most valuable. Although it’s not much, the progressive multipliers and expanding reels more than make up for the modest symbol values.

There is also the Wild Native, which contributes to the creation of winners by replacing all symbols other than the Temple. Depending on how players use their free spins, RTP ranges from 95.51% to 96.54%. The game settings combine nicely with a math model to offer a base game that offers wins pretty frequently while yet holding back a significant amount for the frills.

El Dorado Infinity Reels Slot

El Dorado Infinity Reels Slot: Features

There is a lot to cover, so let’s start with the feature that bears the game’s name, the Infinity Reels. The game has three reels when it first begins. A new reel is added to the grid if symbols on the rightmost reel are part of a winning combination.

When this reel rotates, if it completes the combination with more symbols, another reel is added. It keeps on until no more new, helpful symbols appear. When the Symbol Multiplier is taken into account, it can result in some remarkable payouts, and things really start to get interesting.

The Symbol Multiplier is a progressive multiplier that starts at x1 and goes up by +1 with each additional reel. The multiplier’s maximum value is unbounded, just as the infinite Infinity Reels.

In free spins, the Symbol Multiplier is increased. The key is the temple symbol, and five or more of them in a row award ten free spins. Players have three options before the round starts: bank, wager, or play. Free spins are not played if they are banked. Instead, the Symbol Multiplier rises by +2 rather than +1 the following time they are activated. The maximum number of times they can be banked is three, therefore the third level has a symbol multiplier that grows by +3 and the fourth level by +4.

Alternatively, players can gamble free spins. If the gamble is successful the Symbol Multiplier is moved to the next level automatically and free spins begin. If unsuccessful, free spins are forfeited altogether. Players also have the option to wager free spins. If the wager is successful, the Symbol Multiplier is automatically raised and the free spins feature starts. In the event of failure, all free spins are lost.

El Dorado Infinity Reels Slot: Verdict

El Dorado Infinity Reels Slot, however, was a welcome surprise. Gonzo’s Quest immediately comes to mind when you first hear of a slot machine with the words “El Dorado” and rising win multipliers. Even if they appear to be comparable on paper, the two are very different in reality.

ReelPlay has created something incredibly original that is definitely worth looking into. The combination of easy gameplay and a wealth of creative, occasionally lucrative features is what makes it work so effectively. Beethoven’s 9th Symphony plays as the reels gently scroll back after a huge win to provide a festive touch.

When it’s on a roll, Infinity Reels shows itself to be a clever concept with some spectacular moments to be had. The best part is that it may be equally potent during the base game as it is during free spins.

The game’s shelf life is also extended by the knowledge that adding 12 additional reels will result in a jackpot. This is furthered by the prospect of carefully saving up free spins for an outrageous Symbol Multiplier. The free spins gamble option also caters to those who want to wager a lot of money.

ReelPlay has performed admirably overall. El Dorado has a visually superior average level and an appropriately high volatility level to match its potential payout of up to 6,250 times the bet.

If the idea of Infinity Reels becomes popular, which it should be given the progressive multiplier, it will undoubtedly surface once more. Meanwhile, its first performance occupies a strong position and has much more to it than meets the eye. El Dorado Infinity Reels Slot suggests that the rebranding effort was successful, so it will be interesting to see what the revitalized ReelPlay comes up with next.

If you like El Dorado Infinity Reels Slot, check out Giza Infinity Reels from ReelPlay, which is the second slot to utilize the Infinity Reels mechanism. You might like to play okeplay777 and NetEnt’s Gods of Gold INFINIREELS, which has a similar gameplay mechanic.

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