4 Best Review Flowers Slot in 2021, An Evergreen Slot

4 Best Review Flowers Slot in 2021, An Evergreen Slot

Flowers slot is one of the most popular games from the developer Netent. Then you know in advance: that must be a good slot machine. Yes, that’s what Flowers is. A cheerful feast for the eyes.

You see a handful of colorful flowers, supplemented with the standard symbols J, K, Q and A, a sunny joker symbol and mischievous raindrops that serve as a symbol to spin your feature together.

In addition, all symbols are cheerful, except for the grumpy roses. However, we don’t quite understand why that is. Perhaps the programmer was suffering from heartbreak. Funny detail: take a look at the slot to see how the paylines are indicated.

Review Flowers Slot

1. The Features of The Game

Flowers is a very simple slot machine. You will understand at the first time how the lock works. Spinning at least 3 identical symbols on a payline gives you a prize.

However, there is a little extra that will help you with this. The flower symbols also appear on the reels as a double symbol. Such a double flower then counts as 2 flowers on the payline.

The wildcard symbols (WILD) also help to build combinations. It is also striking how often a joker lands on the last reel. Almost always. With the raindrop symbols (funny designed) you can activate the feature

Moreover, you have to spin at least 4 of them together. Then you get 10 free spins with a multiplier of x3. Handy: the raindrops are also available in a double version. 

In addition, you can spin a maximum of 8 raindrops together (4 doubles). These are good for 30 free spins with a multiplier of x11.

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2. Flowers Slot’s 1000 Spins

When we clicked the Flowers home button 1000 times, we played on all 30 paylines with the minimum bet of $0.01 per payline. In total, he bet $300.

We liked that very much at first. In no time there was a profit of a few tens on the screen. However, the flowers dropped their heads. In each spin, we closer to the financial ravine. Halfway through, we were down more than 60 dollars.

It also took a long time for the feature to report for the first time. Once we had received 10 free spins, the feature fell a little more often. The highest prize that we won with the free spins was $20.70. That’s 69 times the stake.

Sadly, the feature was also very disappointing a few times. Once, the 10 free spins yielded only $2.25 in total. 

We also get drops of that. Not once did more than four free spin symbols appear, which was disappointing. In the end, we lost a total of $42.05.

3. The Total Results 

Again, after we played that game, we got a few reviews that you should know. 

  • After 1000 spins at $0.30, the total loss is $42.05
  • Five of the biggest victories: $20.70 / $14.70 / $13.95 / $9.35 / $7.05 / $9.35 / $7.05 / $9.35 / $7.05 / $9.35 / $7.05 / $
  • How frequently the feature appears: 7 times (average win: $10.25)
  • The feature appears 1x every 143 spins on average
  • Flowers has a payout percentage (Return to player, RTP) of 96.3 percent

4. The Conclusion

Flowers is a very cheerful slot machine with a basic role-playing game and a simple feature: free spins with a multiplier. That sounds a bit old-fashioned. As this slot dates from 2011.

It is fast-paced, simple to understand and very easy to play. With a bit of luck you can win nice amounts during the feature. If you like a slot with more surprises and original features, Flowers is probably on the duller side for you. Moreover, beginner players will have a lot of fun with this qq Flowers slot which is evergreen themed.

Source: https://master16.club/

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