Gambling is a Dirty Act

Gambling is a Dirty Act

Gambling is a dirty act and is considered a despicable act in society. This is because gambling is strictly prohibited by both the government and religion.

State law and religious law have strictly prohibited this and there are sanctions accepted if someone violates this law.

Gambling itself is a game that involves betting or in other words is to try your luck. Gambling is considered exciting for some people because of the initial victory given by the gambling.

Where people feel addicted to the wins given by gambling, this is what makes it difficult for people to stop gambling and gambling causes addiction. Fact, the victory given by gambling is the beginning of destruction.

The first victory in gambling is a disaster because if the person continues to play gambling, there will be a loss whose nominal value is greater than the victory, but unfortunately many people do not know it.

Gambling is a dirty act for those who already know it, because gambling is actually prohibited by religion and the state.

Where in religion itself the threat of punishment given is not playing games but will include someone who gambles into the country.

Meanwhile, for the prohibition given by the state, the legal threat is that the perpetrators will be threatened with a long period of heavy imprisonment, and of course there will be other punishments that will be received by gamblers.

Gambling that is currently booming itself is divided into 2 types, namely offline and online gambling. These 2 types of gambling have different ways of playing, where offline gambling is gambling that is played face to face or gathered between gamblers.

While online gambling is gambling that is played without the need or without having to do face-to-face gatherings and of course gamblers only need to have an internet network and also a smartphone to play this gambling.

Online gambling and offline gambling themselves have different game rules, namely offline gambling using a dealer as an intermediary when gambling.


Some people consider gambling is a dirty act both in religion and the state, although there are still many people who play it. For gambling at this time the most widely played is online gambling

Online gambling does not require a bookie as an intermediary between gamblers, but uses a site as an intermediary. And to gamble on online gambling, you only need to make a transfer to the account number that has been agreed or provided.

There are many types of online gambling circulating on the internet, ranging from online poker gambling, online domino gambling, online qiuqiu gambling, online soccer gambling, online slot games 138 sites and many more.

While offline gambling, there are also many kinds of cockfighting, rummy gambling, dice gambling, soccer gambling, casino gambling and many others.

Stop gambling because gambling is a dirty act, get out of the environment. Although it is difficult for a gambler to try to get out of gambling, because gambling has a lot of negative effects or bad effects.

So someone who does get out of gambling can be sure will have a much better life in the future both in the economic field, family, and much more. That’s because gambling is a dirty act that is prohibited by religion and by the Indonesian state

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