How To Hack Zynga Poker Chips

How To Hack Zynga Poker Chips

How to Hack Zynga Poker Chips – Any Zynga poker player certainly wants more chips. The method used to add chips by asking to be sent by friends, winning games, and hacking chips. How to hack zynga poker chips so that they continue to grow?

In this discussion, we show you how to make Zynga poker chips continue to grow without limits. Even the method below is very effective for getting poker up to hundreds of millions through the Fiesta Super Bot. Check this out!

How To Hack Zynga Poker Chips

Fiesta Super Bot is the best software for cracking Zynga poker chips.

How To Hack Zynga Poker Chips
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  1. Prepare 2 accounts (1 empty account, 1 account receiving the poker chips).
  2. Open an empty account (which doesn’t have poker chips) then enter the Zynga Texas Holdem Poker application and just stay in the lobby.
  3. Open a beneficiary account (this account functions as a recipient of Final Poker Chips) fill in the Poker Chips in this account for free. Depends on how many poker chips you have? But it is attempted to have at least 5 meters because in order to speed up the transfer process from the account created by Poker Bot.
  4. Open the Fiesta Super Bot application and fill in some required information
  5. In the IP Settings section to enter a proxy from the website (ping to the website) the port is 2082 or 8080.
  6. In anonymous it is encryption so that the IP address, cookies, user cache are not detected by Zynga and fill in according to your needs.
  7. In the application Settings select the social network you use (Myspace, Facebook, Tagged, BEBO, Yahoo!).
  8. App Id is an Application Id that is registered on the relevant social network, taking for example the use of Facebook as a social network, then the App Id is filled with 2389801228.
  9. The User ID field is filled with the User ID of the Empty Poker Chips First Receiver account.
  10. The last step click start to start Injection or click check to check Internet Connection.
  11. Then wait a while because the Fiesta Super Boot is specifically designed to get 1 Billion Poker Chips in 1 hour without having to enter the table, then just let the Tool act.
  12. After the process or intentional termination, the Poker chips are added automatically to the previously empty account. The length of the process to produce the number of poker chips that we will get, for example if we let this process run for 1 hour then the poker chips we will get is 1 billion, or we stop this process on the 30 minute timeline then we will produce 500 meters of poker chips .
  13. Reload the poker application on the empty account earlier. See how many poker chips you have now.
  14. Then immediately transfer (trade) to another id to prevent the occurrence of Suspended Ato Banned.
  15. Good luck.

Tools Fiesta Super Bot The above has been used many times and the results are very satisfying at agen judi togel. / Dy

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