Nitro Circus Slot Overview: RTP, Bonus & Features

<strong>Nitro Circus Slot Overview: RTP, Bonus & Features</strong>

Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with Nitro Circus Slot. There’s no need to feel like a dinosaur because it’s an American tradition just like baseball or wrestling. Those of you who are aware of it probably saw the program throughout its four-season run on MTV from 2012 to 2014.

The “action sports collective” Nitro Circus Slot is run by Travis Pastrana. On the show, he and his friends tour the world while riding dirt bikes, base jumping, and pulling off stunts. It has some similarities to Jackass, albeit with greater talent. Unknown factors led Yggdrasil Gaming to choose Nitro Circus Slot as their first branded slot as the ideal option.

Only one software provider—Microgaming—has historically been able to consistently do well when it comes to branded slots. Guns n’ Roses, South Park (which has since been taken off the market), and Creature from the Black Lagoon are just a few of the good branded games that NetEnt has created, though their most recent efforts have been incredibly disappointing (Planet of the Apes to name one).

There’s a very real possibility that developers feel the need to flatten the volatility or lower the RTP in order to make players pay for the expensive license. It may or may not be a coincidence that branded slots commonly disappoint because of low payouts.

The bet range for the 5-reel, 4-row, 25-payline slot machine known as Nitro Circus Slot is 0.10 to 125. Some of Nitro Circus’ biggest stars, boldest stunts, and wackiest cars may be seen in this adrenaline-pumping slot.

The Nitro Jump bonus game, in which players can fly through the air on one of seven vehicles and collect multipliers, coin wins, and other benefits along the way to maximize wins, is included in the game along with a free spins option. Players can enter the bonus games through both scatters and collections, plus pick between three distinct risk levels.

Nitro Circus Slot Paytable

There are seven regular symbols in all in the game. Three low-value helmet symbols, including skate, air force, and motocross helmets, as well as four high-value symbols, which are represented by the show’s characters, may be found on the reels.

When Travis Pastrana, the main character, appears over a whole payline, he pays out 20 times the wager.

In addition to the standard symbols, there are additional Wild, Nitro Bomb, and N I T R O letters symbols, which we shall discuss in greater detail below. The Nitro Bomb and NITRO letter symbols can obviously work for you, but they can also work against you in the form of blocks. It should be noted that none of the symbols appear stacked.

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Nitro-Blast Minigame

To start the Nitro-Blast minigame in the base game, you must land precisely 2 Nitro Bomb icons. Players select 1 of 5 bombs in this minigame to reveal one of the prizes listed below.

  • With 10–30 free spins, the free spin mode
  • Add a couch, wheelchair, toy car, or bathtub to the player’s collection as one additional vehicle.
  • Back in the main game, the Nitro Bomb symbols explode, changing 2 to 9 adjacent slot spaces into wilds. This feature is called Nitro Wild.
  • Free Spin Multiplier: This feature raises the total number of free spins by 1, 2, or 3. (Only offered with Free Spins)
  • Additional Free Spins: 1, 2, or 3 Free Spins (only available in Free Spins)

Nitro Free Spins

Nitro Circus Slot

To activate Nitro Free Spins and The Nitro-Blast minigame with 1-3 feature picks, land three or more Nitro Bomb symbols in the main game.

  • 10 symbols plus 1 feature selection are awarded for getting three Nitro Bombs in.
  • 20 symbols plus 2 Feature Picks are awarded for landing 4 Nitro Bombs.
  • 30 symbols plus 3 Feature Picks are awarded for landing 5 Nitro Bombs.

Vehicle Collection

To activate the Nitro Jump Feature with the collected vehicle, collect 5 identical cars. Both the Nitro minigame and the Nitro Jump feature contain vehicles. Each of the four vehicles (a rocking horse, a toy car, and a bathtub) has a unique combination of qualities and advantages (tricks, size and boost).

  • For the first three leaps, better feats earn the judges extra coins.
  • More coins are collected from the air by larger vehicles.
  • A greater multiplier is given for more boost on the last jump.

The Nitro Jump Feature

In order to use the Nitro Jump function, you must either gather 5 cars as previously mentioned or land all of the letters “N I T R O” in a single spin. The player can select from the FMX Bike, BMW Bike, or Kick Bike after this feature is activated by gathering NITRO.

Three stunt jumps and one boost jump make up the Nitro Jump feature.

Judges rate the three stunt leaps and award 5 to 625 coins, depending on the tricks executed. In the three stunt jumps, players can also gather 0–6 of the following features.

  • 25 coin reward
  • accelerated speed for the final jump
  • Final Jump Increaser
  • 10 Bonus Spins

The motorcyclist moves for the last Nitro Boost leap after completing the three stunt jumps. Players can manually increase their speed throughout the approach, which will improve the landing multiplier. But by including manual boost, the rider runs a higher risk of losing all multipliers in a collision. The boost generated by the vehicle and the boost accumulated over the three stunts have no bearing on how likely it is that the last Jump will land.

Nitro Circus Slot Conclusion

Without a doubt, Nitro Circus Slot is a big enterprise with big goals. Unfortunately, Yggdrasil may have made this situation too difficult. It appears to be a bit of a muddle until you get to know the game, which may involve a few sessions and some reading.

We don’t think players will have the necessary patience. To be fair, reading about it here does give the impression that it is more difficult to understand than it actually is. If interested try other games. You can play slots, sbobet online, poker and other games on the DEPOBET88 site.

Furthermore, playing the game online makes it feel overly stressful even though we know it’s intended to be chaotic and action-packed like the program. The frantic action may be enjoyable to the show’s fans, but it may be a little distracting to the rest of us. What’s happening with the Nitro Jump function as well? Is it a video game or an online slot machine? incredibly challenging to say. We don’t like it, even though some people might. We would rather have adults play our slots than kids.

We can imagine how Yggdrasil wanted this slot to be an accurate reflection of the All-American entertainment that Nitro Circus Slot is, and they didn’t let us down in that regard. However, as an online slot, we can’t help but believe that it’s disorganized, unclear, and overly convoluted, which ultimately turns us off, at least for us.

The game has a 2000-times-the-stake maximum win potential, which can be attained by retriggering and accumulating multipliers during free spins or by having an exceptional run in the Nitro Jump feature. While it felt more difficult to activate the free spins feature, the Nitro Jump feature was dropping frequently for us throughout our test session. But the payouts were pitiful.

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