How to Use Odds Percentages to Identify the Best Bet Soccer Value

How to Use Odds Percentages to Identify the Best Bet Soccer Value

How to identify value in your bets? That’s the big question. My friend, Alex Napier, has a formula for you, the soccer punter, and all the punting in the world. You give him a bet for £10, and he gives you odds percentage of it emerging heads-up.

What are the odds percentage?

It’s the ratio of your predicted chance of scoring to the actual chance of scoring. For example, you are offered odds of 4 on a team A winning the Premiership, at 4/1. The first thing you need to do is work out the percentage of the chance of scoring according to the ratio of final scores.

This could be 57 percent, 49 percent, 43 percent, or even 42 percent. In fact, in the most current football season, Manchester United are playing a good bit of football, with a top league that’s 1.40, the English Championship, and the League Cup.

They’re a good 43 points out at the time on the betting exchange, with a punter in England to back England on the betting exchange, the Premiership players’ striking all well.

The first thing to look at with the odds comparison is that the final score will not be the sole criteria. Also, look at the per cent chances of scoring, rather than just scoring. The reason for this is so that we can have a better understanding of the “value” of an odds change.

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How to Use Odds Percentages to Identify the Best Bet Soccer Value

To work out the ratio of predicted to actual chance of scoring, we simply take the mean of the two hands, multiply them together, and add 1. In the example above, if England had a per cent chance of scoring nine league goals to lead the championship, they would have an actual chance of scoring nine league goals. They are 9 to 1 against the predicted chances.

If you had a bet on nine different outcomes of the same match, you’d have nine bets with different odds. Some of these bets may be even with the bookies, while the others may be with other betting sites or with the bookies themselves.

Let’s take an example to compare these odds. Imagine that you place a bet on every single goal in the game, and you are guaranteed to win every single time. You would, of course, be overvalued as you have bet on every single goal coming across the goal line.

You are, however, guaranteed to win, and your stake will be returned to you. The odds in this case are 3.2. This, however, is not the ideal situation. In this case, you have invested a lot more than the £1000 target, and your winnings are less than £40.

Let’s assume that you can find a situation where the odds are 4 to 1 or less. In this case, you can inexpensively and still profit, though not by a huge margin.folding a beta 20 percent of your bank in this situation, you will have been the bookie, rather than the bookie being outlayed. This is where you adopt a reverse psychology to beat the bookmakers.

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The ideal situation is not to repeat the process of increasing your stake if you lose. In that case, you should be content on the £000 you have invested.Let me give you an example to consider.

You placed a £10 bet on Manchester United to beat Chelsea at odds of 4/5.You have £50 to lose. If Manchester United win, you suffer a £20 loss.Your best course of action, therefore, would be to lay the bet off at the shorter odds of 4/5. This means you are effectively betting that Manchester United will lose at least £20 and not more than £50.If they win, you win £10 and have £50 to lose again.

Your next bet would be £50.If they lose, you lose £20 and have to double your stake to £100.

Odds Percentages

If they lose, you win £50 and have to double your stake again to £200.Going through the same procedure, you double up each time and never go bust.If they win, you will have a profit of £50.You have enjoyed the experience without any risk of expenditure.

You have enjoyed the company of your friends and your family without any loss of money.You are also a winner because you have enjoyed the company of your companion at a short-priced price.

The only way that you can win large sums of money is if you are prepared to make the same journey with your betting system as your friend has gone to do.It requires discipline and strong money management to make a long-term profit and this is no way to get ripped off by a bookmaker.

That’s a description of the odds percentages to identify the best bet soccer value. Hope it is useful.

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