Poker Revealed the Overbetting All-In on the River

<strong>Poker Revealed the Overbetting All-In on the River</strong>

In order to illustrate these principles of overbetting all-in on the river in greater depth, I will go over a recent hand that I played. Then, you can read about how combining them in a balanced manner results in a strong river-betting strategy. Check this out!

Bluffing On The River With An Overbet

Going all-in as a bluff on the river may be quite efficient at inducing folds from cards that would call a lower bet.

Overbetting all-in on the river works well when the board texture favors your range over your opponent’s.

Overbetting in these situations puts your opponents in difficult situations, pushing them to attempt hero calls with mediocre cards in order to avoid being abused. Many players are just incapable of make such decisions and, as a result, fold practically all of their hands.

This hand was recently played at Americas Card Room at 0.25 or 0.50 dollar NL 6max. Here’s what happened:

Hero (Button): 50 dollars

SB: 118.20 dollars

Dealt to Hero on the Button: 
folds to button, Hero raises to 1.25 dollars, SB calls 1 dollars, bb folds

FLOP for 3 dollars
SB checks, Hero bets 2.75 dollars, SB calls 2.75 dollars.

TURN 8.50 dollars
SB checks, Hero bets 10 dollars, SB calls 10 dollars.

RIVER 28.50 dollars
SB checks, Hero bets 36 dollars, SB folds

To understand why this is a good spot to overbet, it is helpful to compare our button ranges against those of the player in the small blind.

Value Betting Range

Let’s have a look at our value betting range on the 9-4-2 rainbow flop:

A reasonable c-bet range BTN vs SB on 942r (63 value combos to ~90 bluffs).

Let’s compare that to our opponent’s continue range against our flop bet:

face overbet sb vs btn

SB’s anticipated continuation range versus the flip bet, assuming no checks or raises.

As these ranges demonstrate, we have nearly five times as many great value hands as our opponent on this flip. This is due to the fact that a handful of overpairs (TT+) are removed from the small blind’s range because they did not 3-bet pre-flop.

Analyze of Overbetting all-in on The River

You may use the tiny blind by attacking their poor range with our bluffing hands because we have a ranged advantage in this position. Bet a size that gives our opponent around 2-to-1 on a call on the flip, so we want to proportion our bet range accordingly.

Perfectly balancing a bet range is a difficult endeavor, so we’ll only guess for now. For the flop, a basic rule of thumb is to build your bet range with roughly 2 bluffs for every 1 value bet.

Flop range above appears to be rather excellent, with us betting 63 value combos and around 90 bluff combos.

Falue range is made up of powerful hands that will frequently wish to wager three streets for value (K9+). Hands like as Q9 or J9 might be bets on the flip, but let’s say we check them in this spot.

You have opted to bluff overbetting all-in on the river with draws that have the potential to improve to really good hands by the river. However, keep in mind that this bluffing range is only a suggestion. Your luck is on slot gacor.

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