Playing Live Poker Games

Playing Live Poker Games

Live Poker Games – There is definitely a certain glamour, thrill and romance associated with playing live poker games on the Internet, but also there’s the possibility of lousy, if not downright unethical play.

First of all, live poker rooms are designed to be more than just a picture of a casino, they are designed to offer you a full spectrum of poker games, and a complete spectrum of playsets (and hands for that matter).

A key component of the latter is of course the table limits. The ‘usual’ limit ranges from $1/$2 to $2/$4 per hand, and if you choose the $2/$4 table, you can pretty much play any two hands and most likely will be inceased to busted.

As an example, if you are playing $1/$2 limit hold’em, you have the misfortune of being dealt Ace-King in the first hand, what is commonly known as open ended. That hand is by far the most losing hand in poker, in fact that is why live poker players pay blinds, rake and a small hourly vig to the house, because they are virtually guaranteed to lose over the long term.

Ace-King is a hand that you will make more than you can loose, imagine that! But there’s nothing to stop you from drawing to an inside straight draw or a flush draw here. The thing is, you need to get a better hand than that, it’s Pokerbility we are talking about here.

You see, poker is not a pure game of chance, it’s a game of decisions. When you look at the statistics on all the decisions a player will make in a given hand, you can only really bet that a well informed player will make at least the final home run call.

Say you have an open ended hand, the odds of you making a hand on the river in poker are about 13%. You’re about an 8% favorite to win the hand. You can improve that by several factors, most importantly, raising with the best hand and this will improve your odds substantially.

There’s also the factor of the players you are up against. Remember, you are playing against the house and there are other players in the game that will be betting against you. Think about that, the more players in the hand, the more likely it is that someone will have something better than you.

In addition, you never know what the other players hold, it could be that everyone is bluffing, and even if you do have the best hand, you can’t win a poker game if you’re bluffing.

You are only about an 8% favorite to win the hand, however, an 8% chance is better than a 1% chance, so keep that in mind, and try to make a call to see the flop if you have to, but don’t worry too much because if you don’t make the hand you probably will.

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Playing Live Poker Games: A Poker Weather Report

  • 10% increase in the starting stack by seeing the flop
  • 10% decrease in the starting stack by seeing the flop
  • 15% of seeing the turn
  • 20% of seeing the river

So if you are seeing some bad cards and you are looking at a few of the other players at the table, if they are playing tight, tight poker, then it probably isn’t time to make a move. If you are in for a raise, you probably should, if it’s on the table you want to bet, but if it’s not, then check or fold.

If you do make a hand, you should be confident and believe you are better than your opponents, and this hand winning is a result of the cards you are holding and nothing else.

However, you have to remember to only play good hands, if your cards aren’t good, throw them away.

Playing the odds

  • There are probabilities and odds, you can’t make a good decision if you don’t know the odds.
  • You can’t make a bad decision if you don’t know the odds.

Counting the cards

This is a slow process but once you learn it you will be able to estimate you hand deducting in your head and using the process if you know poker math. The process is to add the number of cards of your two cards and the number of cards in the flop, turn and river to the number of outs you have.

This gives you a rough idea what cards you need. Say your two cards are A and K, you have 9 outs, just add 9 more aces you will have a rough idea what it is you opponents face. Say on the flop for instance there are four cards of a four of a kind, then you have 9 outs, essentially you have a gutshot straight draw, you need 8 more aces to have a full house.

That’s an interesting review about Playing Live Poker Games that I can present to you, Hopefully it can be information that inspires you. /Aha

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