Rise of Athena Slot Demo: Number of Reels, Paylines & Features

<strong>Rise of Athena Slot Demo: Number of Reels, Paylines & Features</strong>

Rise of Athena Slot Demo. In the ancient world, Athena was a huge deity and one of the most revered figures. Even Athens, the most important city at the period, was called in her honor.

It’s fascinating that she rarely receives the same respect as Zeus, the god of lightning, in the realm of slot machines. Is that just a coincidence or a patriarchal thing? Whatever it is, Play’n GO tips the scales in her favor by making Athena the lone deity to star in Rise of Athena in addition to giving her the major role.

The basic yet engaging design of the game gives it a strong start. A temple-like building may be seen in the backdrop, under a pale Aegean sky. Maybe the Parthenon minus the smog-stained Athenian skyline’s yellow and brown haze? No matter where Play’n GO situated the game, they were able to give it a timeless feel that causes you to think about ancient Greece.

Even 2000 years later, they still hold up well, but they must have been breathtaking when they were first discovered. Although the 5-reel, 10-payline grid isn’t as striking, the entire style is absolutely harmonized and represents the pinnacle of classical Greek design.

There are few extras available, but the wild symbols are more fascinating than usual. It offers wagers between 10 cents and £/€100 each spin. They exhibit random multipliers of x1 to x3, in addition to swapping out conventional symbols for a win. The multipliers will add to one another for greater payouts if more than one wild is used to complete a winning line.

In contrast, the symbols are cleanly split into groupings with low and high payoffs down the middle. Lows are some lovely royals (10-A) that are clothed in olive leaves and are designed in a cracked marble font. The big payouts are located at the other end of the table and include scrolls, smokey jars, plumed helms, Pegasus, and Athena.

The payouts from this lot for five of a kind range from 10 to 150 times the stake. Also keep in mind that when two Athenas appear on a line, a 1x conciliatory win is paid. Want to get a big win? Play this game to add to your slot playing experience and of course you have to play on trusted slot sites like the slot88 site which is sure to get maxwin.

Rise of Athena Slot Demo – Features

Rise of Athena Slot

Rise of Athena Slot Demo only has one bonus feature, a number of free spins, in order to maintain the theme of simplicity. These result in 12 free spins when 3 or more owl scatter symbols appear on the reels. When 3, 4, or 5 are visible, owls can land anywhere and pay from any position, giving you 1x, 20x, or 500x the bet, accordingly.

Except for a difference in how wilds behave, hardly much happens during free spins. Now that wilds have been introduced, they stay on the reels until their multiplier expires. Each wild’s multiplier drops by one between each spin. An x3 only remains active for three spins before disappearing, and so on. Free spins cannot be retriggered, which brings up the last problem.

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Rise of Athena Slot Demo – Conclusion

Rise of Athena Slot Demo serves up a dose of retro gameplay with minimal features and a trip that is as rough as you like, much like the subject matter it explores. Although Rise of Athena undoubtedly won’t appeal to everyone, it feels like Play’n GO accomplished exactly what they set out to do. The company has kept things simple in order to cater to those that enjoy a simple, Spartan style of gaming where nothing stands in the way of the fast-paced action.

The features you do receive aren’t horrible, to put it that way. They are more than just display horses, multiplier wilds. They were crucial in creating those bigger 100-200 x+ wins during the basic game to keep us in the contest. As they did throughout the feature, the x3 wild in combination with Athena or Pegasus proved useful in this situation.

Though the wilds were carefully made to be somewhat sticky, it’s interesting to note that most bonuses ended up being less profitable than regular longer line wins during the original game. Naturally, this does not imply that Rise of Athena always behaves in this manner; the game has a lot of potential, but it can only be unlocked by a very successful round of free spins. Other features are the spotless graphics, which perfectly match the gameplay.

Here are a few possible sticking points. The first, and arguably major drawback, is that if you’re used to all the bells and whistles of a contemporary feature-laden slot, the gameplay can grow monotonous.

It’s not helpful to be stuck in a cycle of unsuccessful spins or to appear to be focused only on the first three reels, as if the other two don’t exist. When those situations arise, perseverance is necessary and, if Athena is feeling generous, can result in payouts of up to 5,000 times the original wager.

Numerous gamblers like games that are a little chaotic and mostly volatile. Players in this group would do well to give Rise of Athena Slot Demo a try since it seems to be targeted directly at this audience.

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