Biography Nikola Sarcevic

Biography Nikola Sarcevic

Nikola Sarcevic likes to change things around. On his new album, Nikola & Fattiglapparna – an album consisting of 11 self composed songs – he sings for the first time in Swedish.

To why he went Swedish this time Nikola explains: “There are so many different albums I want to do. But a solo album in Swedish stood at the top of the list and after 10 albums in English, of which 8 with the band Millencolin and the 2 previous solo albums, it was almost logical to do it in my mother tongue this time. I am driven by my curiosity and a desire to continually take me on to new challenges. It’s been incredibly inspiring and a whole new thing to write in Swedish. I probably sound like a completely different artist as well. In Swedish everything is unfiltered. Somehow much more focus on the lyrics and therefore I hope that my chances to come across to the listener will increase.”

Titles like Mitt Örebro, Tro, Det Mesta Talar Nog För Att Vi Kommer Skiljas and Kommunicera shows a lyricist who has something to say and who dares to share his thoughts and life experiences. With his very personal and unmistakable voice, Sarcevic paints up bittersweet landscape filled with nostalgic flashbacks, bad relationships and subtle contemporary realism.

All of the disc’s tracks are carefully produced by Fredrik LandhHenrik Wind and Nikola himself. Most instruments are again beautifully expressed by Henry Wind, who with his musical sensitivity enriches Nikolas music with both color and shade.

Nikola & Fattiglapparnmixes major with minor, flute with saloon piano, sacred harmonies with banjo and harmonica, humor with sadness, big choruses with atmospheric verses. Add the bullseye Swedish lyrics and the overall impression can not be anything but a big smile.

The links to the old greats such as CreedenceThe Band and Dylan is indeed, in many cases quite obvious, the composer himself don’t deny any of that. “This record is probably a bit more 70’s than my previous albums. There is a groove in some of the songs that I’ve not had before. I’m still very much inspired by the great artists and bands from 60’s and 70’s. ”

When the last note´s rung out Nikola & Fattiglapparna leaves no one unmoved, and it is easy to understand that Sarcevic is now fully focused on his solo career. “For me, this is of course much more than a simple hobby project. I have put my soul into this record and it’s also the first time I release an album on my own recordlabel, Stalemate Music, which feels particularly inspiring and motivating. To release it on your own label is both more work and responsibility but also greater control, knowledge and understanding of how the industry works. This time, I can never blame the record company that they didn’t do there job. Now it’s up to me. ”

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