Texas Hold’Em Tournament Strategy – Play Your Hand

Texas Hold’Em Tournament Strategy – Play Your Hand

Whatever your Texas Hold’Em Tournament Strategy is I hope it incorporates playing some hands. Generally, and I’m just throwing this out there, you need to play hands to win pots. Rarely you can raise big and win a huge pot, or more rarely you can play low suited connectors and win small amounts of money.

Playing hands to win can be a good strategy, I find, especially in a Turbo STT SNG.

First raise to try and establish authority in the pot, a bit like the way you would in standard play. If somebody re-raises you, you need to make a decision on their play; either they are playing a premium hand or more likely a marginal suited connector.

I like to think of it more along the lines of, would you call an all-in with king-rag?

A rag hand is a hand that only wins if everyone else folds.

These hands will often provide you with the momentum to win a hand, and provide you with some strong position in the tournament.

To learn more about dealing with poker hands, take a look at “etermine your own limit”. An important part of that is determining just how low a hand needs to be before you fold it. You don’t want to reach the hand you are limits with, you want to wait for the all-in to be successful.

So many times you will see a flop with two people nearly equal with a small straight. Let’s say a guy has a 6-7 suited. You are holding Q-8 and the board comes out Q-K-9. You think it’s better to continuation bet, however you can’t because there are two other players in the hand. One of them may be playing junk and the other may have a real hand, like pocket Q’s.

If you bet there will usually be a call. Sometimes both players will have hands, not necessarily the same, and if you bet there will be a call. Most of the time you will be called though. Now let’s say the Board comes out 8-9-3. You check, your opponent bets, and you call. The Turn is a 5, and you check again. Your opponent bets again, to $10.

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Texas Hold’Em Tournament Strategy

You are thinking, “Do I play this hand?” The only trouble here is, if you have the small flush, got the 8 or Jack and 9, he will have you dominated. If the Board did not hit you, you can consider slow-playing this hand or checking/betting if your read was that your opponent has nothing.

However, if you do make your hand, you can always get a raise of $10, $20, $40, whatever, and so on until you make your hand. Then you can go all-in. Sometimes you can get three raises in a row with these hands.

The only other time you will want to get all your money in is either heads up or three way pot against two players. If you have $100, $200, or $300 and two players have $20 each, you will want to get as much of your money in as possible.

If one of the players has $300 chips, you can protect your blinds by moving all in. You may lose the hand, but taken your position into consideration, that player will most likely not raise you with his low pairs or his A-x hand. However, if you are playing three way pots, you have to get more aggressive as the blinds go up.

As the blinds go up, you need to protect your blind. Pocket 2’s, in this situation, are the nuts. Remember that two 2’s is the same as three 2’s. Rooms like PokerStars will consistently shuffle the deck for you, and you will not get paid off with your low pairs. highlighted 2’s are the best. If the deck is not shuffled, you are actually better off with a high card or an Ace.


When I enter a poker tournament, I assess the types of opponents, and I am trying to hang on for as long as I can. Here is the secret; you have to be patient. Marry the fish to a wall and wait for your opportunities. When I think someone is beat, and that person has less than the stack needed to commit all that money to the pot, I almost always push all in.

Not because I want to change my hand. I am just waiting for someone to have the proper hand to put me out of the tournament. Remember the hand displayed must be the best hand from the board cards. Yet, you will still be disappointed if you make a hand worse than the one you held.

One time when I was just learning the tight game, I was on the button and had A-9 suited, cutoff. The action folded to me and I raised.

With Texas Hold’Em Tournament Strategy, become the king of gambling just like in the movies!

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