Wishwood Slot Review: RTP 95% (IGT)

<strong>Wishwood Slot Review: RTP 95% (IGT)</strong>

Are you looking for the Wishwood slot review? The result of a game that features magical trees, wisps, and other fantasy-inspired creatures can only be a fantasy-themed slot machine. 

There are many mystically inspired symbols in the game, as well as forest creatures. Wishwood is a slot machine developed by IGT.

Best of Wishwood Slot Review

In a game with 5×4 reels, Wishwood offers 20 active lines. The slot machine appears to be capable of paying out large amounts, up to $200,000. It also includes a variety of intriguing features, such as Wispy Wilds, re-spins, 10x multipliers, free spins, and other randomly activated bonuses.

1. Betting and Prizes

When you bet in Wishwood, you have 20 lines to choose from, so your bets must start at a minimum of $0.20, with each line costing $0.01. However, there is a much higher value to be reached, $400, at which point the lines will receive $20.

The top jackpots aren’t something you’ll be complaining about in this game, though the average RTP might be. It’s a slot with a 10,000x multiplier, meaning you could win up to $200,000 with a big bet. As well as big multipliers, the game appears to have a lot to offer.

2. Slot Features

Keep an eye out for the wild symbol, which is by far the most profitable symbol in this game. Not only is this symbol a replacement that you can use in conjunction with others to form almost any type of win, but it can also reward you on its own. 

You could win a jackpot of 10,000x the line bet if you have five wilds on a single line. Wilds can never be used to replace bonus symbols, but their abilities are unrestricted otherwise.

Bonus Climb

The Bonus Climb feature can be triggered in several ways, including at random via the Mystery Picker or by landing three bonus symbols on the three reels to which they’ve been assigned. Poa’s height will be determined by the spin of a wheel. 

The first few branches will reward you with a 10x total bet, while branches 3 through 6 will grant you access to the Amber Wilds. Enchanted Wilds can be found on Branches 7 to 10. The feature Top of the Tree is available once you reach the 11th branch. 

These features will award you 5 to 8 free spins, with different extra features depending on the variant.

There are also several randomly triggered features in the slot. One of them is Wispy Wilds, which gives you up to four wilds that appear in random locations. Magic Multipliers, which are placed between the reels and used for combinations that they touch, can give you 2x to 10x multipliers. The Bonus Climb can also happen at any time.

3. Theme and Design

Wishwood has a popular theme that incorporates images inspired by the fantasy genre. On the reels, there are forest creatures, and in the background, a magical tree provides support. 

Other cool symbols include golden acorns, owls, squirrels, and butterflies, while the more mundane ones can be made up with playing cards. We liked the graphics as well; they’re cute and fit in well with the theme.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion Wishwood slot review, the slot gacor game specialized in several areas, and we especially enjoyed the extensive feature list. We believe the 10,000x jackpot is another compelling reason to try it out.

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