How To Cheat Slot Machines Online: Complete Guide

How To Cheat Slot Machines Online: Complete Guide

Slot machines are a staple feature of both physical and online casinos. Yet, where systems can be exploited, individuals will invariably try to cheat them. This article is intended to offer an informative look at the methods previously and currently used to cheat at slot games, both physically and digitally. The objective is transparent, educational insight—by no means is this an endorsement for cheating, which is illegal and unethical. Let’s dive in on how to cheat slot machines online.

Historical Cheating Tactics

In the past, when slot machines were electromechanical contraptions, several physical methods were devised to cheat. The first notorious cheating approach was coined ‘Stringing or Yo-Yoing’. A string was attached to a coin, which was then fed into a machine. The machine registered it as a valid payment, only for the coin to be swiftly retrieved, with winnings still released.

Next, there was ‘Slugging’. Here, counterfeit coins or identical metal pieces replaced real coins to fool the slot-machine’s coin detector. Both these methods, however, have their place in history, not present. Modern coin recognition technology thwarts such tactics effectively. Players can do this even in how to cheat slot machines online.

Another known method was ‘Shaving or Chip dumping’. Whereby a legitimate coin would get its edges altered, creating an irregular form that deceived the mechanisms, allowing access without registering as an inserted coin. Go ahead and learn more about how to cheat slot machines online.

Advent of the Digital Age

As technology progressed, so did the devious techniques in an effort to dupe the sophisticated systems. ‘Bill Validator Device’ was one such tool employed by the cheats. This device manipulates the slot machine, tricking it into believing that it is receiving a hundred-dollar bill when it is indeed a one-dollar bill.

There were also hardware exploits, such as the ‘Top-Bottom Joint’. A simple instrument contained two parts: a string connected to a metal rod and a long wire. This instrument could trip the switch within the machine, expelling all the coins held within.

A similar device, the ‘Monkey Paw’ or ‘Slider’, was popular from the 1980s to the 90s. Its purpose was the same as the Top-Bottom Joint, namely, to trip the payout switch, triggering a jackpot release.

How To Cheat Slot Machines Online

With the rise of online casinos and digitization of slot machines, the nature of cheating morphed to become more software-based. ‘Software Hacking’, where the slot machine software is manipulated allows payouts to drop when specific conditions are met, became the prime method used by cheats in the digital era. While it’s an evolving threat, advancements in cybersecurity are proving a stalwart defense against such fraudulent activity.

A more recent technique prevalent in online slots is ‘Bonus Abuse’. This is when players exploit casino bonus policies to their advantage, which in turn had led to casinos tightening up their policies.

Cheating: A High-Risk Misstep

It is crucial to stress again the importance of understanding the risks associated with attempts at cheating slot machines. Each activity detailed in this article is illegal. The punitive measures can be severe, with consequences both monetary and involving imprisonment. Today, casinos and gaming organizations are using high-level technology, ensuring their systems are not only safeguarded against these illegal acts but also able to promptly identify any irregularities.


To conclude, success in slot games is based on luck, an understanding of the game’s mechanics, and in some cases, a reputable strategy. Attempted fraud could lead to harsh consequences, damaging financial and personal circumstances. Instead of trying to ‘beat the system’ unlawfully, a better approach is to play responsibly, adhering to the gaming laws, safeguards, and rules set by casinos and legislating bodies. Always remember that gambling should be enjoyable and practiced  responsibly. That is all athe ways on how to cheat slot machines online. Feel free to try this game at many websites including sites like these

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